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Workman’s Comp Statistics And Best Practices For FedEx ISP’s

Workman’s comp is something that every business should take seriously.  Not only will it ensure your company’s financial future (all other things being equal), but it will also make sure that your drivers are taken care of if they unfortunately fall victim to injury while on the job. And if your drivers are getting hurt all the time, then not only are you failing to keep your employees safe (this should be your number one priority), but you’re also losing your work force, causing your business serious financial losses.

No one wants to see an employee get injured while on the job, and it’s the duty of the employer to take every precaution necessary to make sure the employees are as safe as possible.  But as much as you do, some things just happen that are out of your control.  When the business you’re in deals with heavy lifting, driving, and going to the doors of people’s homes, then chances are something’s going to happen.

Luckily for the sake of this subject, there is a substantial amount of data that we can use in order to pinpoint how, where, and why injuries are occurring in this specific injury.  It’s one of the many advantages gained from the constant advancement of technology.  Twenty years ago, we probably wouldn’t have access to this type of data.  So not only does it help your insurance provider gauge risk for liability purposes, but it can also assist the business owners in determining where the most common injuries are occurring, and how the company can enact a process of improvement. From the data we’ve been able to access, here are the most common local trucking work comp claims:


-Slipping on ice and falling

-Dog bites

-Lifting packages

-Getting in or out of the truck and something happened

Now that we know the most common claim occurrences, we need to look at the most common injuries that occur from these instances. Again, this all goes back to gathering data, processing and analyzing that data, and then finding ways to correct any current business practices that may be harmful to the employees. The most common claim occurrence are as follows:

-Punctured part of body

-Strained, sprained back


-Rolled, sprained, twisted, fractured ankle

Okay, so now that we have most common claim instances, and the most common injuries resulting from those claims, now we can look at what specific body parts are most often hurt among our Fedex drivers.  They are:



-Back (specifically the lower back)


So what can we do now with all of this information?  Well we need to look at some ways to prevent (or largely reduce the likelihood of) these claims.  For instance, want to make friends, not enemies with the dogs that drivers may encounter? Have some dog treats that you can give out.  In order to prevent back injuries from lifting packages, make sure that drivers are wearing a back support harness and gloves so that the packages don’t slip out of their hands.  But most of all though, simple common sense and a cautious outlook will definitely pay dividends for all drivers involved. 


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