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Workers Comp Insurance is NOT a Private Health Insurance Policy

There’s no denying that the new healthcare law is confusing to pretty much everyone. But what business owners need to fully understand is that workers comp coverage doesn’t replace health insurance policies for the drivers. It can’t be used the same way that we use a private health insurance plan because it’s for work related injuries.


With that in mind however, business owners need to be on the lookout for fraud when it comes to these workers comp claims. Some drivers are experts at working the system to squeeze every dime out of a claim.  For instance look at when injuries occur during the work week.


If an injury happens on the first day of the work-week, we may want to ask a few questions to make sure that the injury didn’t happen over the weekend.  If an injury was reported on Saturday, we may want to make sure the injury didn’t happen on Friday night.  Sometimes, an employee may milk a claim to get some more time off during the beautiful days of summer.


That’s why we act to quickly handle claims and stay on top of the claim throughout the process.  We want your employees to be healthy.  We want them to make a good living.  And, we want to make sure your workers comp insurance is used properly to protect your employees and your business.


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