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What is Loss Control?

As an owner, you’ve got to love workers comp companies that specialize in working with parcel delivery / courier (7231 0808 workers comp class codes ) and trucking industries ( 7228 7229 and 7219 workers comp class codes ).  A good carrier has the same goal as you – Keep losses to a minimum and keep premiums low & affordable.


A vital part of the courier insurance or trucking insurance company is their Loss Control Division.  Their loss control experts have a passion for preventing truck accidents and work comp accidents.  I recently spent about 10-hours with our loss control experts and the amount of information we discussed was extensive.


We reviewed everything you could possibly imagine: driver candidate screening, training, maintenance of equipment, duties of managers, employee compensation, technology, and so much more.  A mere two-hours with loss control can help you save thousands of dollars in the future and ensure that your company maintains its success into the future.


Our clients get the benefit of loss control because we want them to be the safest operations in the country.


Call us if you are interested in using loss control to create a safer work environment for your IC or ISP business. (860) 805- 7001

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