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What ALL FedEx ISP’s Really Need

What do ISP’s really need?  That’s a very good question. They need an independent agent who will always be available to answer any and all questions because at the present, many ISPs are not receiving the answers to the questions they have about their insurance coverage.  We have found that ISP’s have become very discouraged from the lack of answers they have received from their questions, and this frustration has caused the ISPs to have higher insurance premiums.

For example, many ISPs don’t realize that their workers’ compensation mod results from what they’re paying out for their own workers’ compensation insurance policy. Once an ISP learns about their mod, their first question is always:

  1. how can they get there mod lowered, and in return save a significant amount of money on their workers compensation policy. The lack of education about their insurance policies and how they work are costing many of these ISPs thousands and thousands of dollars.  Subsequently, those who are educated about this topic, are finding ways to become more profitable. If you’re an ISP contractor you should really think about taking the time to learn about your insurance policies and understanding your coverages so that in the future you will not have the increases in your insurance premiums that you currently are experiencing.

Here at The ISP Network, we want to take the time to sit down with each and every one of you to  educate you on what will help you have lower premiums in the future.  Contact Brian from the ISP Network today, to better understand your policy and options for the future


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