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Subrogation CAN be a Beautiful Thing.

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Have you ever had your workers compensation or commercial auto policy pay out on a claim that was the fault of another party?  Did you feel like your insurance company should not have had to pay a dime?

Your insurance company has a duty to pay out for your covered damages regardless of fault.  Any information that you have to show that the accident / claim was the fault of a third party should be given to your claims adjuster or your agent.  If the adjuster thinks that he/she has a good case then they will work to recover money from the insurance company of the at fault party. This is known as “subrogation.”

The opposite is not so good.  If the adjuster thinks that it is not worth the attempt to recover funds from the at-fault party, then the loss remains on your insurance record. You can talk to the adjuster and try to change their mind, but that may seem to turn out as a waste of time.

What can you do to improve your chances of a successful subrogation?

1.  Get a good insurance agent who knows what they are doing

2.  Get a policy with an aggressive claims department

3.  Collect as much information as possible to show that the other party is at fault.  This can include pictures, statements and/or a driving violation for a motor vehicle accident.


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