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Sponsored Education Events for FedEx Ground Contractors and ISPs

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Our team here at The ISP Network and Paradiso Insurance, is working hard to make sure our clients are educated about business best practices. For a long time, we had been looking for a great nationwide law firm to represent clients who get sued or get a threat of suit by their employees or former employees.  Most of those cases involve wrongful termination, wage and hour issues (overtime or not getting paid the right amount if paid piecemeal) or some kind of discrimination (sexual, ethnic or gender).  After a very long search, we found a great law firm that helped one of our clients get a case dismissed.  Plus, that firm already works with the insurance company that insures our clients for these types of claims.

Last week, we sponsored an Employment Practices Liability conference.  A notable attorney from that firm presented complex legal issues in a way that was easy to understand.  Our clients gained priceless information to better protect their businesses from disgruntled employees.  During our time together, we covered the following topics:

  • The most important parts of an employee handbook
  • How to properly screen a candidate
  • How to discipline an employee
  • How to terminate an employee
  • Unique ways to stop any issues before someone feels that they have been treated unfairly

If you’re a pro-active business owner and are interested in doing a similar event in your area, please call us.  We care a lot about our clients and will work hard to make sure that you are protected.


Thank you.

Brian P. O’Connor  

Licensed Insurance Agent

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