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Safety Tips for Any Delivery Driver

A long road without cars on it.

It really doesn’t matter what size truck you drive for work – there are certain safety precautions that any driver should abide by. Let’s face it, driving a delivery truck or something even larger requires that much more focus, attention, and experience in order to be as safe as possible on the highways and byways of America.

So for today, we’d like to point out some safety tips for drivers that we think are the most important.  Our economy depends on drivers yourself being safe! Let’s focus on safety and well-being!

Here’s our list of truck driver safety pointers:

  1. Be very aware of blind spots- especially on the highway
  2. Take it slow throughout roadwork zones
  3. When loading cargo, do so in a strategic manner to eliminate wasted time
  4. Reduce your speed on any type of curve- remember the weight that you’re carrying! It’s needs a cautious driver to make it to its destination!
  5. Any type of inclement weather requires slower and more cautious driving!

We hope these few tips above will help assist you in making all of your deliveries in a safe and timely manner, without risking anyone’s well-being.  Think about number 3 again for another second. While you may question that tip… think about it.  If the truck is packed in a strategic manner, deliveries won’t be behind schedule.  When workers are behind schedule, they speed and thus make the roads less safe, as well as put others in more danger. We value our FedEx ISP and Independent Service Providers, and will always take the time to remind you about important safety tips for your employees.

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