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Preventing Claims for FXG ICs and ISPs

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Have you ever met the guy who says “I’m not worried, that would never happen to me,” and then it comes back to bite him? I’ve heard this a number of times, and in too many scenarios, trucking company owners are not adequately prepared for claims, and we end up having to deal with a huge problem. The simple solution to handling claims as an FXG IC or ISP is to have a clear set of guidelines in place for your drivers that will help you avoid claims altogether. Here are a few of our tips that should help you dodge claims, and overall, help you save money in the long hull.

Common Causes of Claims

There are a variety of different types of claims that we encounter from truck drivers, but let’s go over a few types that we see more often than others.  First off, accidents happen, and there are a number of causes for trucking accidents. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Large Truck Crash Causation Study, 44% of trucking accidents involved a driver that was on some form of drug or prescription medication, 23% of accidents involved traveling at speeds too fast for the given road conditions, and the last 18% involved fatigued drivers. There are other risks from accidents though, including falls, musculoskeletal disorders, or even injuries from being struck by or against objects. Thousands of truck drivers are injured every year, so what exactly should we do about handling this problem?

Claim Prevention

Truck driver claims are serious, because not only will your premium potentially go up for a three year period from a claim, but serious injuries can be the end of a truck driver’s career, meaning you could lose one of your best drivers in the process. It’s best to avoid claims and injuries altogether, and the first step is to have a safety training course or program implemented for your staff. Make sure your drivers your drivers don’t speed, stay cautious of the road conditions on a daily basis, and of course, buckle up. Also, be sure to train your drivers on looking further down the road, checking and double checking their blind spots, and to not drive drowsy under any conditions. For some more in-depth safety tips for truck drivers, you can check out our posts, Safety Tips for Any Delivery Driver or our blog on Health and Wellness for FXG Drivers. If you’d like to study claim precaution or safety tips even further, you can also review OSHA’s trucking industry section of their website.

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