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Not All Insurance Companies and Agencies are the Same

The best predictor of future success is past success.

Over the years, we have graded insurance companies on their ability to do what is best for the FXG (FedEx Ground) independent contractor or, ISP. The categories that we grade insurance companies on include service, billing, and the most important, claims handling. Too many times I have heard a contractor or ISP say, “Who cares about the insurance company?  I just want the best price.”

Sometimes, the best insurance company offers the best price.  Other times, the worst insurance company offers the best price.  How do you tell the difference?  The answer is simple: Get a well experienced insurance agent who specializes in insuring FXG independent contractors and ISP businesses.


Qualities of the best insurance program:

1.  Low down payment

2.  Weekly payment plan with no billing fees

3.  Makes policy changes quickly

4.  Uses out-of-the-box type thinking when handling claims

5.  Aggressive claims handling, especially with workers compensation claims

6.  Is great at subrogation: getting the insurance company of the at fault driver or homeowner to reimburse your insurance company for a claim


At Paradiso Insurance, we offer this to all of our clients. For over four years, we’ve been helping FedEx Ground Independent Contractors all over the United States. Call us today to find the insurance company that will serve your needs the best.  860 805 7001.

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