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Making Fleet Safety a Top Priority with One Score

A truck driving on a highway.

Think of it as a report card that could save a life.

From speeding to overall harsh driving, it’s impossible to individually monitor an entire fleet of drivers when they’re out on the open road.  According to Fleetmatics® and Fleet Safety Institute, “Safety on the job, regardless of company size, is critical and should be instilled as a mandatory practice – not a convenience – especially for businesses with fleets.”

That’s why Fleetmatics makes fleet security and safety a top priority with monitoring made easy. Fleetmatics REVEAL™ provides Driving Style Reports, with which fleet managers can easily get a report card on each driver with a single number representing critical information like speeding and poor driving habits.

Use the score to directly identify high-risk drivers and coach them on speeding, harsh braking, severe acceleration and other unsafe driving habits before a more serious accident. And according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), commercial vehicles are to blame for some accidents.

The administration’s most recent study of crashes in 2012 reveal there were almost 34,000 fatalities that year, and more than 3,700 involved a large truck or bus. In July 2013, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) implemented new rules that, among other things, changed restart requirements and added mandatory rest breaks for drivers of property-carrying interstate commercial vehicles. Fleetmatics REVEAL Logbook feature seamlessly tracks HOS information by connecting vehicle status data from the engine with driver status from the LogBook mobile application. This in turn allows managers to have visibility into HOS for any driver. HOS non-driving events can also be captured in real time. Logbook can help drivers show they are driving safely and in compliance with hours of service regulations and helps prevent violations through the use of proactive driver alerts that immediately notify drivers and managers if they are over hours.

That’s why Fleetmatics also couples its driver score with other key safety features like real-time speeding alerts to help you keep your two most important assets – employees and vehicles – safe on the road.

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