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Lift With Your Legs, Not Your Back!

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Manual labor, especially lifting heavy objects can really do a number on the body of an employee if proper lifting techniques are not practiced.  It is of utmost importance that training and techniques are practiced to ensure that drivers are safe when dropping packages off at the various locations on their route.  Extra steps must be taken to confirm the safety of delivery drivers:

Test the package: Just because a package is small doesn’t necessarily mean it is light. Push on the package lightly with your hands or feet to get a feel for the weigh so you can properly prepare to lift the package.

Make sure it’s packed correctly: Check to see if the weight of the package is distributed evenly. If there are loose objects in the box, they could shift, causing an accident.

Don’t overextend: Don’t reach out far for something or reach up for something too high. Instead, use a ladder or move closer to the object to avoid injuring your back. Also, do the work with your legs and your arms, not your back!

Practice safe lifting: Use smooth controlled movements, and don’t twist when lifting. Keep the load close to your body to reduce strain on your back. Carrying the load in the space between your shoulders and waist also keeps strain off of your back.

Be Proactive: Warm up & stretch before you start your day of lifting, you would if you were at the gym, right!? Pace yourself so you don’t get tired and start neglecting safe lifting habits. Always look where you are walking, don’t let your package blocking your view be the reason you fall!

The fact that an injury is so likely to occur if the proper steps aren’t taken is the reason why the act of manual handling is often included as a hazard when insurance companies construct insurance coverage.

But aside from the insurance aspect, we really want to harp on the physical well-being of the drivers for today.  We understand that time is of the essence when making daily deliveries, but rushing to grab a package that’s heavy runs the serious risk of injury.  The bottom line is that it simply isn’t worth the risk!  As a FedEx ISP safety is key, we hope our tips can help ensure the daily safety of your drivers.

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