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It’s A New Day For FXG Contractors!

As you know, change is in the air for FedEx Ground P&D and Linehaul contractors.


road signThe way business is conducted is undergoing sweeping changes. Basically, you are becoming more responsible for administrative and other tasks that were handled for you in the past.


Some things are falling more in line with the rest of the transportation industry, while others present challenges that are unique the FXG contractors.


The fast pace of your business makes it challenging to problem solve while executing your business on a daily basis. Now, you will also need to keep a more focused eye on your administrative details.


How will you deal with this increased burden? How much will it cost? Where will you find the time?


How can you turn these new challenges into a positive for your business?


truck bizWe have your answer! has developed a Software as a Service (SaaS), specifically for FXG contractors.  Our business tools address recent industry and FXG changes while making you more efficient, saving you time, and making you more profitable. You can see what it is all about at:

Input from many current contractors, our founder’s 16+ years of FXG management experience, along with some world class development talent have combined to create the very best software package you can use to run your FXG ground business.


Here are just some of the things it handles for you:

  • Safety Focus – Safety Meetings
  • Safety          Track – Driving Records
  • Safety          Plan
  • Maintenance Management
  • Driver          Web-Apps
  • Customer          Complaint Log
  • Operations          Focus – Weekly Operations Email


  • Upload          Settlement Information
  • Analyze          Settlement Results
  • Reminders          and Alerts
  • Driver Recruiting
  • Accountability Tools
  • Business Discussions
  • Document Management
  • Compliance Tools




Join the growing circle of the industry’s most respected business owners at:


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