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ISP Network Blog:Managing Manual Lifting Risk

Manual labor can really wear down an employee if safety precautions aren’t taken and correct lifting habits are not practiced.  Obviously the biggest concern in relation to this is lifting and carrying of packages, especially with employees of a fedex ic/isp program. Furthermore, other causes for concern revolve around pushing or pulling tasks, and team handling.  All of these circumstances, when not performed correctly, could easily cause an employee to become injured, some possibly being quite serious. 

That’s why every precaution should be taken in order to ensure that employees are safe and practicing the right lifting techniques. One thing to really be on the lookout for also is if any of your staff are women of child-bearing age.  If an employee is indeed pregnant, you need to then take even more precaution to ensure that they are working safely because this poses a new risk for your work place.  For each of the following activities, extra steps must be taken to confirm the safety of your employees:

  •  Lifting and lowering
  • Carrying
  • Handling while seated
  • Pushing and pulling



The fact that such an injury is so likely to occur is the reason why the act of manual handling is often included as a hazard when insurance companies construct insurance coverage, especially non trucking liability insurance. Now, it’s not always so simple, as every business is different and activities conducted by employees vary from company to company.  That’s why no two policies are the same.

The thing is though, it doesn’t matter whether the business is a month old or thirty years old, the success of the business (especially in this industry) relies on a few key points, one of which is excellent non trucking liability insurance.  If this insurance isn’t in place, then your company is seriously at risk from a multitude of threats.   Poor management, a lack of planning, and no liability insurance for a business like a fedex ic/isp program are a receipt for disaster, so make sure your business has all of its ducks in a row (and by that we mean good management, proper planning, and excellent liability coverage) to ensure the success or your business for years to come.


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