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Work Comp and Truck Insurance Designed Specifically for FXG Contractors & ISPs

You share the same work comp class codes with fellow IC’s and ISP’s.  Some of them have had numerous claims with losses more than you could imagine.  Their claims/losses can hurt the class code and increase rates for every business with that same workers compensation class code.  Because you have been so successful, it is easier for us to separate you from less successful parcel delivery businesses. 

Remember when your insurance premiums were based upon your abilities and not the history of every similar business?  Long term insurance solutions are now possible.  Call us today and we can discuss how you can benefit in the short term and long term. 

Benefits include:
– Concierge Claim Service
– Proactive Loss Control Division
– Low down payment and weekly deductions on Fridays
– Friendly customer service
– Reduce premiums to greatly increase long term profitability
– Have a well experienced independent insurance agent place your needs first
– 24-Hour Service
– Have a better relationship with your insurance company

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