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How to Avoid Dog Attacks While on the Job

A large dog running with its mouth open.

Dogs are one of the biggest threats to delivery services around America. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that your FedEx ISP driver is prepared to know how to react in such a situation. This daily threat is something that your ISP driver must know how to handle to avoid a potentially fatal situation.

Before we talk about how to avoid being bitten, it is important to first understand why dogs attack in the first place. Dogs have something called a “prey drive” that can be triggered by motion, such as a jogger. This doesn’t mean every dog will react in such a way though. It is only dogs who have learned to do it, and this is because of negligence on the owner’s part.

Now let’s get into some strategies your FedEx ISP driver can use avoid being bitten.

Stay in control

When faced with an aggressive dog it is crucial that one stays as calm as possible. Fighting the urge to give into fear and anxiety will keep your driver more calm and in control. Aggressive dogs WANT their prey to be stressed before they attack, so make sure just the opposite is done. This also means, no running! Running can trigger an aggressive dog’s prey instinct to chase and catch animals.

Show you’re not a threat

Direct eye contact with an aggressive dog must be avoided. Looking a dog straight in the eyes can make it dog feel like it is being challenged. At this point, if the dog has been successfully kept back from attacking the next thing to do is claim space. It is advised to stand slightly sideways while keeping the dog in side vision. Standing this way makes a person a smaller target and possibly viewed as less of a threat. Also, being in command of one’s space by taking something being carried and placing it out in front of oneself  will claim space. That object shows the dog that space is wanted, but is not the dog’s space. Continuing to keep a calm yet assertive demeanor will continue to demand the dog’s respect.

If the dog continues to be aggressive, you can attempt to distract it with another object. This could be a water bottle, or dogs treats. It may be a smart idea to carry treats and throw them away from oneself to deter the dog from the victim’s direction.

If the dog senses that it’s not being threatened, and the person is not afraid, it may lose interest in the situation. It is unfortunate, but very possible that even the best efforts at avoiding an attack may not work. This is why it is also necessary your FedEx ISP knows what to do if he or she is attacked. Here at Paradiso Insurance we love our dogs (a little too much!), but when it’s your employees life in the jaws of a dog, physical force may be necessary. Please reference the following article for advice on what to do when a dog attacks:

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