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Health and Wellness for FXG Drivers

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When it comes to being an FXG (FedEx Ground) truck tractor or van driver, the most important safety feature is you. Every time you operate a commercial vehicle, your safety is your responsibility.  Your life and the lives around you depend on your ability to control your vehicle. This is why being in satisfactory health is so important. The DOT physical examination can confirm your physical ability to drive.  There are other cost-effective exams that tell us much more about your health.  For many with a high BMI, a sleep apnea test may be a good idea.

Here are some good tips to help you become a more alert and better driver:

1.      Get plenty of rest

2.      Eat a healthy breakfast

3.      No smoking

4.      Make sure the front portion of your seat is not so high that it cuts down on blood flow in your legs

5.      On very hot days, be sure to drink some sport drinks that have electrolytes

Being in good health as an FXG driver is not an option, it’s a must. Your safety and the safety of others depend on your health so please take your health seriously.  Plus, injured drivers in better health can bounce back quicker than those in poor health.  That means lower workers compensation costs for your company and better job security.

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