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Four Common Accidents That Make Proper Trucking Insurance Coverage So Important

Businesses like California Fedex isp, which run the risk of vehicle accidents amongst its fleet of delivery trucks, must always be up-to-date on their liability insurance coverage.  Now, if you’re an owner of a business such as this, then you may at first think that an accident involving your delivery truck may be fine and covered by regular trucking insurance coverage, but sometimes that’s simply not the case.   Actually, you can never really predict how severe the accident may be, so that’s why having the best coverage possible is what any smart business owner would do.  You can’t simply think that unless the accident involves a fatality, then you’ll be fully covered.  Who’s saying that a bad accident, with injuries but no fatalities, won’t cost upwards of a million dollars?  You better make sure that trucking insurance is amazing then.

Additionally, accidental deaths are less likely to end up in fatalities with the advancements in safety features, but the probability of severe injury has increased. Just think about head trauma alone:  when that happens, those medical bills skyrocket when compared to some broken bones. So what’s all this have anything to do with trucking insurance? Well, combine all of these circumstances with only regular insurance coverage, and you’ll be left with quite the extra bill to pay.

Since these accidents should always be taken seriously, no matter how big or small, then your business should be aware of the most common accidents involving delivery trucks, so that you can take every precaution to ensure that they don’t happen to your drivers.  These are the most common accidents you should know about:


  • Not setting the truck’s parking brake– If your driver leaves the truck, the emergency brake must be engaged, every time. This will prevent any rollbacks that could end up colliding with other cars in the road.
  • Failure to yield – If the truck is in the act of turning or merging, the driver should always allow other vehicles to go ahead before merging into traffic
  • First time drivers, drunk drivers, and tired drivers– If your drivers fall into any of these categories (which hopefully they never do, especially driving drunk or over-tired), then the risk of an accident, especially a severe one, increases significantly.
  • Cargo not secured properly – Any packages, large or small, if not secured correctly, can quickly slide around the back of the truck and alter the weight distribution of the truck- something that’s very important when these trucks are making big turns.

The reality is simply: hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills, legal fees, lost income and other related expenses. Unless your business is swimming in cash, then chances are your business can’t afford that astronomical bill. Here’s more food for thought: even though advancements in automotive technology has made cars safer every year, there’s still a real and eminent threat to serious injury or death.  So make sure your Fedex isp company has the best liability coverage possible, to make sure everyone is covered.


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