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FedEx Truck Loss Runs: Most Common and How To Avoid

Being a delivery service can come with its fair share of hazards.  Obviously, our most important goal is to keep our workers safe, especially those delivering the packages out on the roads.  Now, we realize that we can only do so much to keep our drivers safe and protected through Fedex Isp insurance, because no one can predict how other drivers on the road will act, but nonetheless, we need to do all that we can to ensure our drivers’ safety!

Operating a parcel delivery company can come with its fair share of hazards.  Obviously, our most important goal is to keep our workers safe.  We realize that you work hard to keep your drivers safe with loss prevention techniques and courier driver safety programs.  We work hard to protect your IC or ISP business by offering specialized workers compensation and truck insurance programs,

Curious as to what causes truck / van insurance claims?  Some causes you may quickly guess but, other causes may surprise you:

– Striking a deer with the truck / van: it’s amazing how much damage Bambi can do to a P-1200

– Hit and Runs while delivering a package: witnesses love to tell drivers information about the culprit

– Backing into a stationary object: some drivers rely too much on the back-up camera and watch themselves hit trees and tree branches.

– Reaching for something while driving: this simple task takes the eyes, a hand and the mind away from the important task of driving

– Flying raccoon roadkill: a fast moving tractor-trailer tire launched the dead raccoon which then smashed into a windshield (some of our truck programs offer full glass)

– Sinkhole in a driveway (homeowner did not have earthquake/sink hole coverage so it was a Physical Damage claim)

– Not placing a vehicle in park: even a slow moving cargo van can cause serious damage.

How do we avoid some accidents and claims? Most truck / van claims can be prevented by just being focusing on one task: driving.  Also, you may want to use the flashers / hazard lights when parked.  You might be shocked to see how many instances involve other cars hitting the trucks because they simply didn’t see the huge white truck/van.  We can’t change the way other drivers operate but we can help our drivers to be more cautious.  Drive safe!

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