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Don’t Hire Your Next Work Comp Claim

One statement I have heard many times from the loss control experts is, ”Don’t hire your next workers comp claim.”  What do we mean by that? Well, have you ever had or heard of a new employee that has a work related injury after only being employed for a month or so?  Those are the people we’re referring to.


Luckily for your business, you have a bunch of options when screening new driver and helper candidates.  The state that you operate in will limit your options.  As you do your best to not cross the line, it’s a good thing to be protected with an Employment Practices Liability Policy that can provide legal defense and settlement coverage for lawsuits from Wrongful Failure to Hire.


Some Ground IC and ISP clients always go with their gut feeling.  Others try to take a more objective approach.  A mix of the two is probably best, so we’ve spelled out the differences of the two approaches below to help you in your next search.



Subjective: Using your senses to determine their value to you.

You can see in a person’s eyes if they are genuine or not.  You can see if they are trying to hard to show that they are perfect for the job.  You can watch their movements as they walk, sit down in a chair, stand up from a chair or reach to pick up an object.  You can listen to their excuses as to why previous employment did not work out well.


Objective Approach: Use data and expert opinion to determine value of a potential hire –

Do you use expert medical professionals?  Do you use professional human resource organizations?  Do you use any form of skills testing?  Do you ask the corporate screener for information?


Depending on your state laws, you may be able to do additional tests and a background check after a conditional employment offer has been made.  Some states allow you to check for previous workers comp claims as well which is a huge plus.


We work with our clients throughout the country to help them navigate the waters.  There are many good human resource attorneys and medical professionals throughout the country that we can work with to make sure you do not hire your next workers comp claim.

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