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For about the last four years, Brian has focused on insuring independent contractors and ISP’s of FXG. He has built a very large contractor/ISP client base by hard work and referrals. He has also grown relationships with other vendors so he can be a better resource for his clients.

The world is a changing place so you can never stop learning. Workers Compensation Policies and claims handling has changed over the years as employees and medical care has changed. Brian keeps a core group of workers compensation experts close to him so he can better serve his clients. He also consistently meets with Loss Prevention Experts so he can pass this information to his clients. Great claims mitigation is valuable. Preventing a claim is priceless.

Brian has also started and helps maintain a very successful insurance program for FXG contractors / ISP ’s. It is a Workers Compensation and Non-Trucking Liability / Physical Damage Insurance package. The service teams and claims teams are some of the best in the business. The positive feedback from clients has been overwhelming and shows Brian that his hard work is appreciated.

Brian enjoys traveling and meeting contractors and ISP ‘s all over the country. If you would like to talk with Brian about your insurance policies please call him. He’ll be happy to talk with you.

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PA Ground Two is one of the leading independent contractor fleets in the United States. We boast an exemplary safety record for over 16 years. We obtained the services of Brian O’Connor almost one year ago and as far as services go, I have never been more satisfied with the detailed orientated, caring, and a cost-effective business in so many years. Aside from the reasonable rates, Brian O’Connor goes above and beyond the call of duty. His information is informative, prompt, and also constructive, tailor fitting each and every FedEx ground fleet in America. The claim process is second to no one, Brian and his staff are diligent above and beyond the scope of normal business activity. The transformation process from our old insurance company was professionally done, timely and with an excruciating attention to detail. The insurance company, that offers the Best In Class FXG Contractor Workers Compensation and Truck Insurance Program, is indeed an insurance company that instills old world values.
Sunil K. Patel| President & CEO, PA Ground2 Inc



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