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Nationwide Workers Compensation and Truck Insurance Program for FXG Contractors and ISPs



As an ISP or Independent Contractor, you understand that you are not the average insurance client. The average insurance agent does not understand your policies, your needs, compliance requirements and what you go through on a daily basis.

Brian O'Connor and his team at Paradiso Insurance have a great amount of experience working with FedEx ISP and Independent Contractor clients. They work with the top insurance companies that offer Truck Insurance (Non-Trucking Liability/Physical Damage) and Workers Comp to FedEx ISP's and Independent Contractors.

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Our Insurance companies understand your business.  They understand your need for a highly rated insurance company that wants to get your drivers back to work as soon as possible

Work Comp

Work Comp has become a large expense.  We help you cut costs, increase safety, decrease fraudulent claims and protect your experience modification.

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